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Measure Everything

Analyze and report wisely. We’ll help you choosing the right KPIs and you will use a seamless system to track evolution. All online and offline interactions with promotions will be saved in Hutsi. So you’ll get Customers, Channels, Messages and Points of Sales information all gathered in Hutsi analytics tool.

Some Segment Examples


Know all the relevant metrics of your campaign at any given moment. Don’t lose sight of the lifeblood of your marketing campaigns: your relevance to your customers in terms of campaign open rates, claims, redeems and velocity at which your customers redeem your campaign.

Campaign Evolution

You launch your campaign on day 1 and release it to the world. Backtrack the evolution of your campaign in its dimensions: Prints, Clicks, claims and redemptions at all times.

Results vs Goals

Lets face it, marketing is all about results and goals and the less raw numbers to crunch the better. Thats why with Hutsi you set the goals and track the results on each part of the funnels seamlessly.

Beautiful visualization

You will impress your peers every time you report on your campaigns with one of several graphs we will prepare for you.

Social analytics

We will have ready for you the social impact of your campaign. Know which gender and which media is being moved the most by your campaign.

Location analytics

Wether your campaign is national or regional you will will have clear visibility on where performance is better or worse, where the redeems are happening and a number of location performance analysis.

Ad expenditure

Analyse the relationship of several metrics with your ad expenditure and take pulse of your ROI.

Customer paths

For each campaign different paths. Customers act differently on different situations. Get to know just how different. Learn what paths are getting the best results and what paths are betting lousy results. Learn how to be more relevant to your customer and maybe suppress the steps that are creating spam and no results.

Customer profiles

Get One-on-One knowledge on the lifeblood of your business: your customers and their habits.

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Sidebar Tools

Know who is reaching and how to do it effectively.


Filter your results to learn more about your promotions, campaigns and segments.

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