Create your coupon promotions and distribute across several online and offline media channels on the go. In one spot can now test promotion flows, gather customers information, analyze all behaviors and create powerful segmentations.

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Tailor Made Look and Feel

Simplest way to create and personalize coupon campaigns.

Why Hutsi will empower ?

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Responsive Layouts

Today over 66% of online promotion campaigns on the web are actually seen in small screens (smartphones and tablets). At Hutsi saying that we are mobile first is an understatement. We treat every screen size as the native screen. You just need to take care of general look and feel and Hutsi adapts the design and code to all screens.

Powerful Segmentation

As campaigns flow, gathers customers data. With all geographic, demographic and behavioral information you can create highly segmented campaigns with great detail.

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Coupon Redemption Cycle

With Hutsi can distribute coupons online and offline. These promotions can be redeemed anywhere. Each coupon is created with unique code and can be redeem where the customer wants, either in your own store or a third party retailer, online and offline. All interactions with your promotions will be seamlessly tracked and stored. See below the redeem cycle:

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ONLINE stores – Own and Third parties

When online, the store just needs to implement a snippet to communicate with our DB through the vendor API and check the validity of the coupon codes.

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OFFLINE stores – Own and Third parties

When offline, the retailer redeems the voucher via redeem app, website, or via SMS.

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Use the full power of Customer Stories Automation

Interact with your customer in a more natural way. In the way he wants. Let him decide when and where he wants to open, claim and redeem coupons.

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Reach Out through any channel

With Hutsi can reach out customers through Inbound and Outbound, online and offline media channels. Simply choose the channels you want to use in each campaign. Your promotion message will adapt its look to each channel.

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