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Integrated marketing campaign has a high impact on brand equity and promotion effectiveness.

Some Use Examples:

Hyper-local Targeting

Send mobile message to all people in a specific fence, accurate to 100 meter, with instructions to win a prize. These instructions hook customers to use any media, for example: “Text an SMS to number 16980 with the code ‘9HYL’ and you’ll receive your prize in our nearby store now” / or / “to get a ticket to this show tonight”. Cross-platform automation brings site-specific advertising to a whole new level.

Product as Media #1

Distribute product samples with a QR or a alphanumeric code and simple instructions. Example: “Scan QR or go to url: .com/getSamples to get two more of this free samples”. This is a powerful marketing approach for samples distribution – You will be able to gather customers information to your DB, maintaining your traditional circuit and logistics of product samples distribution and for the first time know who is using your samples.

Product as Media #2

Use the product as your main media to bring customers to your website or any other target destination. Take Milka’s – “Dare to be tender” campaign as an example of product as media campaign that can be set up in minutes. Start with your printed product and engage customers to your media cycle.

Grow your DB

Customer receives an Email with a coupon and the social rule to claim coupon is a FB log in. This applies to any media channel flow you might want to set. Exmple: Email > DM; DM > Email; Email > FB; FB > SMS; DM > FB, you get the picture. All this information will be synced and your BD will grow in number of leads and depth of profile.

Enhance Social Engagement

You can create a simple awarness campaign like Nike’s #MakeItCount. You can also set as social rule a mandatory FB Share to claim a discount or a product sample.

Agile Media Allocation through A/B Testing

You can A/B test a campaign across multiple media, measure which are delivering the best results and adapt the media allocation for a better preformance. Let’s assume you have message A and message B to test. You send both by Email and SMS. You acknowledge for a specific profile, the best result is Message A by Email and for another profile, the best result is Message B by SMS..

Customer Stories

Interact with your customer in a more natural way. In the way he wants. We developed the simplest and most natural way to plan, create and implement cross-platform campaigns. The main tool to manage these campaigns is the Customer Stories manager.

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