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“Smart Data” is much more useful than “Big Data”.
Machine Learning will help you get focused on what matters most.

When applied to big loads of data, machine learning is the critical key to predict the most effective message to serve to the right niche at the right time, through the right channel.
Hutsi is seamlessly tracking online and offline interactions with your promotions. Every single time your customer interacts, we record this information. You have customizable analytics dashboards to analyze the results and sustainably adapt your campaign. But the quantity information parameters to analyze simultaneously is overwhelming for a human.

So you might also trust our advanced machine learning algorithm to suggest the most effective flows to get the best results from a specific promotion in a specific niche. This insights are the outcome of a constant data mining analysis through the multidimensional DB across brands, campaigns, promotions, messages, niches, channels, retailers and behaviour patterns of your customers. The machine is always learning and you’ll get the best out of it.

So basically: stick to creativity and leave data mining with the machines.

“AB Testing is necessary to establish an effective connection with the customer”

AB testing is fundamental to grow customers behavioral information. This powerful knowledge enables you to have a natural approach to these binding marketing principle. With Hutsi, insights come clear and AB testing is not only trying different messages. Real AB testing is the combination of message, niche, channel. This allows an Agile Marketing approach: Try different paths, then you can measure the reach of each path and then quickly adapt to the ongoing evolution of consumer engagement behaviour.

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