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Be always relevant to your customers

Use rich profile information to know when is the right time to deliver the right content. Know your customers tastes and habits to engage in a more natural way, creating highly detailed segments.


Use this powerful tool in many ways, always to engage more naturally


Address your campaign to specific target


Address a specific message in your campaign to specific target


A/B test your messages according to the profile of the customer


Hutsi will also suggest smart segments: very specific segments according to customers behavior patterns found by the algorithm.


Create smart websites, that retrieve content based on the profile of the visitor


The created profiles can also be used in analytics, to analyze your data per segment.

Some Segment Examples

1 – Customer lives in the US, is female, claimed a specific coupon in the last 15 days but didn’t redeem it yet.

2 – Customer works in a zone, but doesn’t live near there.

3 – Customer opened a email message from specific brand in the last year.

4 – Customer already Opt-in to receive SMS, but didn’t Opt-in to receive Email yet. This could be any type of contact, mobile number, address, email, facebook login, etc.

5 – Customer is female and liked Lana Del Rey’s Facebook page.

6 – Customer is in the top 10 customers who redeemed more coupons in a specific campaign.

7 – 25 Facebook Top influencer from a specific campaign.

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Know who is reaching and how to do it effectively.


Reach your full database or switch to a pre-designated segment by simply switching your reach profile in the sidebar.


Easily create new segments and associate them with relevant keywords related to your campaign’s creativity and goals. Tags can be used across all the platform. For example you create a segment with the tag: “sophisticated woman”, then you can build a campaign where you simply say you want to promote all your products with this tag to all the segments with this tag. Hutsi will merge all profiles to avoid repetition. Crystal clear!


Targeting the right people means knowing your audience well. To be relevant to each customer toggle the relevant segment and know how many people you will reach with each segment.

Warnings & Solutions

Being relevant means carefully planing how you will engage your customers. For that reason we will warn you whenever we detect any possible damage to your relevance to customers such as repeat targeting of your customers.

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